Lagos, Portugal

From Lisbon we spent four night in Lagos in the south of Portugal. Lagos is a relatively small town with the two main attractions being the beach and partying. 

We spent a couple of days at the beach which was amazing. Praia Do Camilo was the most beautiful beach we visited but the Atlantic Ocean was bloody freezing. Head up the the bar at the top afterwards for sangria.

 We went to another beach called Praia Dona Ana which is one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world but we thought it was pretty average, not recommend. The beaches are a bit of a hike from the old town centre but there is a tourist train (actually a lil bus) that goes from the marina to the beaches. We only saw this on our last day so a little too late. 

The food in Lagos isn’t the highlight. It’s quite touristy and it’s best to go for non traditional. We found a delish Mexican place called The Green Room which we went to a few times and a yum all you can eat Japanese Sushi restaurant called My Sushi. The sushimi and sushi was super fresh and very authentic. Nah nah bah was also a good burger joint we found, huge but tasty. On the last day we wanted to try a traditional Portuguese meal. It was foul and not recommended. 

We had one big night out which was pretty extreme. The drinks are super cheap and strong. Go anywhere in the old town for happy hour then head to Joes Garage for partay time. 

A must do is the kayak tour which was amazing. We did it on a terrible hangover but it was still fun. We left booking a little late so could only get on the 5.30 sunset trip, would be best to get on the 10am trip so you can make the most of the beaches and snorkelling.  We spent three hours kayaking through sea caves, visiting remote beaches and heading out towards the lighthouse, very beautiful. 


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