Palma De Mallorca, Spain

From Granada we flew to Palma de Mallorca for four nights. Our air BnB was a renovated loft and was in the centre of the old town which was a perfect central location to base ourselves. On day two we hired a car so we could explore all of the beautiful beaches on the island. We drove 40 minutes to an area called Santanyi. The first beach was incredible but more suited to snorkelling. When you walked down about 100 metres we came across Cala Del Moro beach which was breathtaking. The beach was tiny so we had to squeeze in but once we got a spot we didn’t move all day. 
Day three we went to another beach on the east coast – S’amarador which we weren’t so fussed about. We walked around a coastal path and found Cala Mondrago which was a much nicer beach. Still didn’t beat day one though. 
Day four we went west to a spot with three beautiful bays, one of which was the islands only nudist beach (Cala El Mago). Of course this beach was the best so we squeezed in amongst some very nude bods. Interesting sights.
The food in Palma was good – highlights were a restaurant called Quina Creu and another place called Duke. Delish. 

Overall we absolutely loved Palma – highly recommended. 


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